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A groundbreaking fusion of Hypnotherapy, Nature Therapy,

& Grounding principles, that is the brainchild of Kristina ​Thompson, the founder of Shine Therapy.

Kristina’s dedication to the well-being of others is palpable in ​every aspect of HypnoEarthing. Whether through one-on-​one sessions, retreats, workshops or educational materials, ​she empowers individuals to unlock their full potential for ​healing and self-discovery.

As the creator of HypnoEarthing, Kristina continues to inspire ​others to embrace the transformative power of uniting mind, ​body, soul and nature, by fostering a world where holistic ​wellness is accessible to all.

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Shine Therapy

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What is HypnoEarthing?

Shine ​Therapy

I am a believer in the healing powers of our minds & Mother Nature.

HypnoEarthing, as conceived by ​Kristina Thompson, is more than just a ​technique; it's a philosophy, a way of ​life aimed at harnessing the innate ​healing abilities within each of us.

By integrating hypnotic techniques ​with the grounding principles derived ​from nature, Kristina has developed a ​holistic approach that addresses the ​root causes of imbalance, stress, and ​disconnection in modern life.

With a background steeped in both ​psychology and natural healing ​practices, Kristina embarked on a ​journey to explore the intersections of ​mind and environment. Through ​extensive research and personal ​experience, she discovered the ​transformative potential lying at the ​nexus of hypnotherapy and ​Grounding, a practice known for ​reconnecting individuals with the ​Earth's energy.

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Through HypnoEarthing sessions, the ​Teacher guides individuals or groups, ​on a profound inward journey, ​tapping into the subconscious mind ​while simultaneously grounding them ​in the healing energy of the Earth. This ​synergistic approach facilitates deep ​relaxation, heightened self-awareness, ​and a profound sense of connection to ​oneself and the natural world.

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Shine ​Therapy

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Retreats, Groups & Classes

Kristina is available for Retreats, ​Groups, & one-on-one classes.

Contact her for more details.

E-Training Course;

A comprehensive journey into the art ​and science of guiding others towards ​holistic healing and self-discovery. This ​immersive program is designed for ​individuals passionate about ​empowering others to tap into their ​innate potential through the ​transformative practices of ​HypnoEarthing.

If you would like to book a

one-on-one personal information session ​with Kristina to discuss any questions you ​may have about HypnoEarthing,

pre or post E-Training Course,

then please book a session with her.

She is happy to guide anyone who may be ​interested in learning more about her ​HypnoEarthing modality.

For basic Q&A simply send her an email.

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From my Clients

A class like none other we ve done before Kristina accommodated our request for it to be held during the 2024 Solar Eclipse in Mazatlan Mexico An ingenious holistic modality that encompasses all that is powerful from within us nature itself Masterly performed Brilliantly adaptable an extremely intense therapy Kristina is adept at finding the center and the connection between her clients nature Bringing a palpable calm within our bodies and minds while immersing us in Nature enabling an overwhelming feeling of belonging A mental health must The NYC Eclipse Chicas 2024
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Shine Therapy

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